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Committed to the Five Solas

of the Reformation -- “Scripture alone” ; “Faith alone” ; “Grace alone” ; “Christ alone” ; “To the glory of God alone” -- we are more interested in discovering the Bible's transforming truths and being led by the Spirit of God than we are in maintaining traditional denominational distinctives.  That being the case, we may or not meet your expectations (and you may or may not be pleasantly surprised!)  The best way to appreciate who we are is to attend for several ​weeks.

We like to believe you will find our approach refreshing!


​  9:30 Sunday School

  (Bible classes) for all ages

 10:30 Worship



  Student ministries (clubs) until
  early May.  Teens~Adults play
  Ultimate Frisbee, May-September.

Our desire is that each person connect:

  1.  with God...

      do you know Him? are you growing?


  2.  with others...

      are you building relationships?

  3.  with his/her gifts...

      are you serving? helping?


We believe the mind of God (as revealed in His "owner's manual" -- the BIBLE) is the only dependable source of His truth. We are challenged to learn what He has to say about the questions we all have about our lives. We believe in the Trinity of God; that Jesus Christ, born of a virgin and sinless, died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected on the third day; that He is God; that He sent His Spirit as our Guide and Comforter until He returns to reign on the earth.

family integrated friendly

God is creative, and you will find this demonstrated in the diverse blend of people and personalities at Fellowship baptist Church. We, like you, have needs. Some are common to all, while others are more unique. God has blessed us, that we may "fellowship" together, and share the promises of God's living Word, to meet those needs in an atmosphere of love and care. We stand united as believers in Jesus Christ; desiring to gratefully serve Him and enjoy the abundant life He gives.

Cliff Davis 2.jpg

Pastor Cliff Davis has been pastor-teacher at Fellowship since December 1994. He was born and raised in Decatur.  He met his wife, Cindy, at Cedarville University.  They have three adult children and two grandchildren. He is more of a teacher than a traditional preacher. In his unique style, he teaches straight from the Bible, verse by verse, and shows how it applies to our daily lives. Nearly every service allows an opportunity for congregational comments and questions.

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