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What to Expect:

Atmosphere: Most of us come in casual clothes.  Our pastor gave up wearing ties several years ago!  On any given Sunday you might see a suit or two, lots of "business casual", jeans, and shorts (in the summer).  Our only expectation is modesty.

Bible Exposition: We are committed to learning the Bible the same way that GOD communicated it -- verse by verse!  What this means is that once we start at the beginning of a book, we continue in it until we arrive at the end.  One of the greatest benefits to this approach is that the inherent context solves 95% of the disagreements good Christians have over particular points of doctrine.  Granted, this takes a considerable amount of time, but what's the hurry?

Family (age) Integration: Our main Sunday morning worship gathering is for everyone (by design)!  We value families worshiping and learning the Bible together.  A nursery for babes and very small children is provided, but not required.  In addition, we have a sound-proof "cry room" in the back from which a parent and child can view and listen to the service when necessary.

Music-Worship: Variety is the spice of life!  Our intention is neither to cater to the crowd who loves hymns or to the group who loves contemporary; rather, we desire all of our music to be theologically sound and honoring to GOD (whatever the style).  Having said that, we regularly sing both hymns and contemporary worship songs.  Some Sundays it's all piano and organ, some Sundays it's all acoustic guitar and stereo, and sometimes it's a mix!

Offerings: Simply put, we aren't after your money.  We take a grand total of one offering per week, and visitors are not expected to give.

Church Brochure

Your Insights and Questions Matter! It's standard practice for us to end our Sunday morning gathering with an open time for congregational observations and questions.  Sometimes the best learning takes place after the traditional sermon!  In addition (and as you might have guessed), our adult Sunday School hour and our evening Bible study are also designed for dynamic group participation.

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